Beneficial Blends

Sourcing + Supplier Approval Process Why Choose Beneficial Blends? B E N E F I C I A L B L E N D S . C O M | I N F O @ B E N E F I C I A L B L E N D S . C O M | 8 0 0 - 2 3 0 - 5 9 5 2 | Supplier Approval Process Robust Supplier Approval Process • GFSI Certification • Bioterrorism Act Compliance • Supplier Questionnaire • Product Claim reviews (Kosher / Organic / Non-GMO / Prop-65 Compliance / Gluten Free, etc.) • Document Review (LoG, Allergen Claims, Standards of Identity, etc.) • Food Fraud Mitigation Policy • Specification Verification and Approval • Sample Evaluation and Approval Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) • Foreign suppliers held to same standard as domestic (GFSI Certified, etc.) • Food Fraud risk analysis performed for geographic region • Regular communication with suppliers • Market trends • Potential supply chain impacts • Quality and safety issue mitigation strategies Beneficial Blends Supply Chain is Diversified • Source from multiple countries & companies, no single sourcing! - Countries Include: Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand. - Relationships with multiple company providers gives us the advantage. This provides and creates more flexibility in the supply chain. • Supplier diversification provides security for Beneficial Blends and its retail partners. • We use a multi-tiered approach to suppliers. We always have supplier alternatives within reach to stay fully supplied with raw materials. We have built relationships & rely on this list of providers that are identified as low risk and critical to our success! • With the current economic & societal issues, change is not necessary when a successful process is already in place … with proof being a 98.6% scorecard! Sourcing Suppliers Continuously Monitored For Performance